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, r and d and nuclear weapons. >> the congress debated the issue of replenishment of our stock or at least making certain it was okay and about $10 billion was mentioned as a figure. i think that's in the ballpark of the amount of money that's likely to be spent in the near future. >> but for the first time since the september 11th attacks, the pentagon has asked congress for a budget less than the year before. >> the agreement that the obama administration and congress made was to cut six percent of the defense budget. which even it was cut would be well above what was pre-9/11 numbers. >> so we'll be looking at more than a trillion dollars in cuts to our defense budget over the next ten years. where will those cuts be? the much shorter answer is, where won't those cuts be? >> we're talking about $650 billion. we can reduce that by well over $100 billion a year. i believe, frankly by, not in the first year but by a couple of years from now, by $150 billion a year and still be far safer than we've been and without any potential threat to our ability to exist. >> and in the next
to six weeks from now. it is a very contentious debate and may be more difficult for congress to wade through than the current debate. believe it or not. that's what wall street is worried about. how will they tackle the debt limit debate? so there's head winds for wall street. i agree with you. the market will send a signal to washington and usually when wall street sends a signal, it is a dramatic one. >> all right. sue, cnbc's "newer lunch" with an idea of what's happening there. good to see you. >> too. >> thanks so much. back to capitol hill with congressman jason almeyer of washington. what did you think of what sue said there? maybe the markets need to send you all a signal. what would you think about that? should we see a plunge in the markets before maybe that prompted you guys up there on capitol hill to do a deal? >> we shouldn't have to see that. if you remember back in 2008, that is what happened? the second vote was successful. let's hope that doesn't happen this time. i think everybody realizes that if we are unsuccessful today, and avoiding the fiscal cliff, the market
>> hello, again. a reminder of the main stories here on al-jazeera. a debate in uppedway in the u.s. congress on how to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff. earlier, president obama spoke on how to avoid the budget crisis. and turkey's prime minister has said the war in syria will soon be over. he made the comments as he visited refugee camps on the turkish border. protesters in india who have been calling for harsher punishments for rapists have been holding a candlelit vigil in the capital the they gathered in new delhi -- delhi to mourn the death of a 23-year-old gang rape victim. the attack on her earlier this month throwed nypd protests. six suspects have been charged with murder after she died sunday. she had been receivering medical attention in spinning. the -- in singapore. she's been cremated. rebels in the central african republic are reported to be only one town away from the capital. the army was forced to retreat when the rebels advanced on saturday. they already have control of four other regional capitals in both the north and center of the country. rebels have reject
congress do that. so, yes, we need a full debate so the american people can see who is where, who is doing what, who values the 98%, who supports oil subsidies for the oil companies versus who supports medicare and social security for our senior citizens, who supports investments in our job creation and infrastructure versus who supports continuing profits for the 1%. yeah, we need a full debate so the american people will see what is exactly taking place in congress. >> california congresswoman barbara lee, happy new year. thanks for coming on a. >> thank you. >> a deal has been reached to avert going over the so-called milk cliff but the threat of $8 a gallon milk is still looming. leaders in the house and senate agriculture committees have agreed to a one-year extension of the farm bill which expired in october but house republicans haven't signed off on the extension and no vote has been scheduled. no deal means the government goes back to an outdated pricing policy and milk prices could double. with lean cuisine? try our entrees, snacks and new salads. salmon with basil, garlic chicke
during the debt limit debate. back to you. >>> for his part president obama has been trying to turn up the heat on congress applying new pressure on sunday in an interview with david gregory on "meet the press." nbc news white house correspondent has details. >> reporter: on "meet the press," president obama continued his public campaign to pressure congress. >> if congress doesn't act, then everybody's taxes go up, and for the average family that could mean a loss of $2,000 in income and the who economy can slow down. >> reporter: he called an lawmakers to strike a deal or hold a vote on his plan which would raise tax rates on wealthy americans a major sticking points for republicans. >> the way they are behaving is that their only priority is making sure that tax breaks for the wealthiest americans are protected. that seems to be their only overriding unifying theme. >> reporter: after the interview republican leaders accused the president of assigning blame instead of leading. >> when they say leadership falls on you mr. president you don't have a role here in breaking this impasse.
says administration spent weeks to debate internally with whether or not it should turn over information delib rative to the congress. frustrated by the delay, the committee charneled the committee never fall in the same trap. >> it's not the responsibility of the intelligence community to draft unclassified talking points, for public consumption. especially in the heat of a national political campaign. >> seeming to undercut administration claims there were no actionable intelligence that could have prevented the attack. the report says patrick kennedy one of secretary of state hillary clinton's top aides said the severe threat environment was well known. >> the system was flashing red in libya and benghazi. >> the military commanderer for africa had no idea of the depth and breadth of the c.i.a. operation. the defense department would be called on to evacuate two dozen americans on short notice. >> i am concerned that the department of defense did not have assets available that could come to the rescue in a timely fashion. >> the report found no direct evidence that secreta
limit debate kicks off. reporting live in washington, back to you. >> thank you very much. we appreciate it. >>> for his part, president obama has been trying to turn up the heat on congress, applying new pressure sunday in an interview with david gregory on "meet the press." nbc news white house correspondent kristin welker has details. >> reporter: on "meet the press," president obama continued his public campaign to pressure congress. >> if congress doesn't act, then everybody's taxes go up. and for the average family, that could mean a loss of $2,000 in income, and the whole economy could slow down at a time when the economy's actually starting to pick up. >> reporter: he again called on lawmakers to strike a deal or hold a vote on his plan which would raise tax rates on wealthy americans, a major sticking point for republicans. >> the way they're behaving is that their only priority is making sure that tax breaks for the wealthiest americans are protected. that seems to be their only overliove overriding theme. >> reporter: after the interview, republicans accused the president of a
by the congress, all of the bush tax rates are expiring, so the president is going to get what he's wanted in this debate all along, which is that taxes are going up on the rich and-- >> the president's outmaneuvered the republicans from the very beginning on this. >> ed doesn't have to answer that question. >> and kimberly, we're going to give you the last question, before we go to mike emanuel. >> i have a civilized question for mr. henry. >> and civilized-- >> my goodness, bob. >> it sounds worse than the negotiations on the hill. >> it's worse, thank goodness this wasn't our situation to try and strike a deal, it would be hopeless. if a deal is struck, how much will the deficit be redied, what kind of numbers are we talking about? >> it would be minuscule. where you'd see the biggest short-term impact would be if you eliminate all of the bush tax rates and they go back to the clinton rates. the government would be bringing in more revenue, but that's going to take some time. that's not going to happen immediately and it's a relatively small amount in terms of what the government is spe
to $16.4 trillion. this is part of the debate we will see at the start of the new congress. the so-called fiscal cliff was coined by ben bernanke. the story from "roll call." "it could be reached over this weekend." were heard from the house rules committee chairman yesterday. they are taking steps in advance to extend these tax cuts. a deal could be on the floor today if there is an agreement. from "the washington times" this morning. "offers fly, but still no agreement" is the headline. mitch mcconnell bypassed senator reid to speak directly to the vice president. host: mark is joining us. your thoughts from manassas, a virginia. caller: good morning. thank you for c-span. we voters know this country has a lot of issues going forward. if they can take a bite out of these difficult issues one at a time, how will they make sure this country is put on a better footing? this is item number one in a list of hundredsd. -- in a list of hundreds. they are not willing to raise any taxes. just rolling back some of the bush-era tax cuts. when you're having issues, you have to make tough cho
. but there's a, you know, you can look at congress and why can't we get anything done? but the bottom line is we can't get anything done. we can't make big decision anymore. at least it seems that way. and so the debate is not necessarily if we're on track, but who do we get back? how do we fix it? and that's i think where the debate is. >> you know, whenever we get into pessimistic moods i always think of my favorite churchill line that americans always do the right thing after first exhausting all of the other possibilities. and we've been through a rough time. we had 9/11, we had two wars that we got bogged down in and it became very unpopular, then we had the greatest economic crash since the great depression, so yea, we haven't been in a great mood as a country, and i think we do think we need to fix things, and we do confront a global economy that's quite different from where we were 20 or 30 years ago, but i'm actually not a pessimist about this. i feel like we've begun to come out from under some of these things, and that we still have a lot of problems to grapple with, but i think
to acknowledge the work that's been done by dennis kucinich as a member of congress. dennis and i philosophically don't agree, but i respect he has a good point of view. that's the whole process here in congress that we have different points of view and come together, debate, and make decisions. dennis, we are going to miss you. good luck with you and your family in the future. i'm glad one of the last things you are going to do is talking about our bill today. just acknowledge what the chairman said also. there is an aggressive legal process that is undertaken as far as droughns are concerned. going to the highest levels of our government before strikes are taken. everything i have reviewed, if there are children or innocent victims there that the strike does not take place. there is a process. unfortunately there are some casualties. i would agree with the chairman also. as far as this is concerned and what you read in the media is usually not what the facts are. it is part of what we do. why we have the intelligence committee. we have it because there is classified information that if it got o
, what is available out there, congress n congressman, do you think it's practical here? >> i do because i think you've got an emotional situation right now helping the gun debate along. we haven't had that to nearly the extent we do now. and, you know, i think things are going to happen as we move forward. i hate to be maude lynn but when the police report ultimately comes out and we find out how many bullets were actually dispensed in sandy hook and we learn more about the inordinate amount of fire power that was brought to bear on those innocent children, those are things that are going to continue to keep the momentum alive for doing common sense things like conducting background checks, expanding those and also dealing with high capacity magazines and assault weapons. >> like for so many here, the president said that day in newtown was the worst day of his presidency. i want to switch to another subject here. fiscal cliff. we're talking about here words that are banished. lake superior university puts out a list of banished words this year. numbers one and two this year are fiscal c
. was it foreseeable? do they have a case? our legal panel debates it fair and balanced next hour. >> the white house is prepared to step in today if congress can't get something together to deal with the fiscal cliff deadline just 14 hours away from now. an update from 1600 pennsylvania avenue moments away. >> well, it will be somewhere between 8,000 to $12,000. so i'm not looking forward to that. >> is that more than you expected to go up january 1st. >> even a dollar's more than i can afford, yes. so not good news heather: thousands of first-responders are joining friends and family paying tribute to a hero firefighter gunned down in the line of duty. you're looking live at the scene. this is in webster, new york, where the funeral of getting underway. the 19-year-old volunteer was one of two firefighters shot and killed on christmas eve while responding to a fire set by gunman, william spengler. we well have much more on this coming up. we have potential breaking news. potential movement on the senate on the budget battle. brand new hour of america's news headquarters. i'm heather childers in for
was the administration has spent weeks debating internally whether or not it should turn over information considered deliberative to congress. the military commander in charge ever the region had no idea of the depth and breath of the situation and he may need to evacuate two dozen americans on very short notice, and that is what happened on september 11th jon. jon: there are questions being asked that are not being answered apparently. >> reporter: i think it is highly significant that the timeline about the cia talking points has not been delivered to the senate committee and they issued the report citing the administration's reluctance to do so. jon: interesting. thank you. uma: shifting gears, rapper kanye west spilling the beans announcing that him and his girlfriend kim kardashian are expecting a baby. he made the announcement at a concert last night at an atlantic city casino. the pregnancy not khroeg down the couple's new year's plans. kim card requires set to appear tonight at a vegas nightclub where she will be paid six figures for just showing up and part tieing. great that, it's a great
on growing our economy. but with this congress that was obviously a little too much to hope for at this time. sikh that was president obama sharing his thoughts on the debate over cutting federal spending. while there were reports of significant progress a short time ago. there is concern from republicans that they are giving the president the tax hikes he requested without getting spending breaks in return at a time when the federal deficits are running a trillion a year. the president talks about a balanced solution. we'll update as we hear more from the nation's capital. arthel: while the president blames congress for the problems in washington. a georgetown law professor says our problems start our constitution and announces we need a new form of government. i'm going to start with dee dee on this. i'm a big fan of hdtv. do we need to make over the constitution? >> let's get rid of the one thing holding us all together. washington is broken, obviously we have problems. is this guy crazy? i'll call him louie. dose want a monarchy. i think he should take a sabbatical to cuba or saudi arabi
, without question. there is certainly a healthy debate to be had about at what level you maintain the tax cuts. so close to seeing all those tax cuts go away. a completely ridiculous congress inflicted wound on the economy that is very difficult to square with reality. certainly i understand that retroactively they can do a lot to restore a lot of the damaged, but we are so close to the purposes -- press the does, it makes no sense. cheryl: last and final question. i know this is tough to answer, but we have had some really good things happen. the recovery, calling it a recovery, the fed that has been more than generous and throwing money into the system. kendis economy recover? -p>> it can, if congress acts relatively quickly. but if we, you know, go past tonight, what are the prospects that we are going to see a deal in two weeks? we have had the better part of the year talking about this. if we could not get it done by now more of the prospects of doing something positive in the next couple of weeks? if we go past today i'm not sure that the odds are very good. so i'm still ootimistic,
for the debate in the 113th congress, which will indeed be challenging. but i would urge us to work together and put the interests of the american people first. with that, mr. president, i would suggest the absence of a quorum. the presiding officer: the clerk will call the roll. quorum call: quorum call: quorum call: quorum call: quorum call: the presiding officer: the senator from rhode island. mr. whitehouse: is the senate in a quorum call? the presiding officer: the senator is correct. mr. whitehouse: then may i ask that the quorum call be suspended? the presiding officer: without objection. mr. whitehouse: and i ask unanimous consent that morning business be extended until 7:00 p.m. with all other provisions remaining in effect. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. whitehouse: i note the absence of a quorum. the presiding officer: the clerk will call the roll. quorum call:
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22 (some duplicates have been removed)